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Sport and the media

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Sports media has an important role to play in changing the attitudes that drive violence against women.

Change the story through sports media

People in sports media can create change by supporting gender equality, and challenging gender stereotypes and disrespect towards women, in the workplace and in the coverage of sport.

Women sports journalists experience high rates of online abuse as a result of their work. Action from colleagues is an important part of building workplaces that are safe. This media moderation guide from GenVic will support you to take action against online abuse.

Tips for sports journalists

Sports media can reinforce the attitudes and beliefs that drive violence against women, or it can challenge these attitudes and beliefs.

Read our 10 tips for sports journalists.

Sporting ambassadors and the media

Our Watch is proud to work with a number of sporting ambassadors who are committed to preventing violence against women and promoting gender equality in their respective sporting communities.

You can read more about the Our Watch sporting ambassadors on the Equality and Respect in Sport website.

Media Making Change: Equality and Respect in Sports Media

Our Watch works with sports media through the Media Making Change: Equality and Respect in Sports Media project. We host seminars and forums that join the dots between sports media coverage, respect and the cultural change that is needed to prevent violence against women.

Sign up to the Our Watch newsletter for journalists or for more information contact enquiries@ourwatch.org.au.

Tips on reporting for sports media

We know that people in sports media are sometimes reporting on sexual assault and family violence. Good reporting sends a clear message that there is no place in sport for violence against women.

Find tips and guidelines for reporting on violence here.

Change the story through sport

Understand the role sports play in preventing violence against women and their children.

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