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University media curriculum

Our Watch has developed a suite of curriculum materials about reporting on violence against women for use by university media and journalism educators. 

Students sitting in a lecture theatre listening to a lecturer giving a presentation.

This curriculum was developed by educators, in consultation with the Dart Centre, the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Advancing Journalism and the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria, with input from the Our Watch media Fellows.

The material is designed to be flexible and can be used in the wide variety of ways in which journalism skills are taught in Australian tertiary institutions. Some courses will be able to dedicate a full three weeks of their curriculum to this issue, others will need to be selective in identifying what and how the materials will be incorporated. Adapting the materials to suit your needs is encouraged. 

The resources include lesson materials, breakout materialsreading lists and assignments. 

Watch ‘Behind Closed Doors’ for tips to ensure reporting is part of the solution to violence against women and their children.

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Still from Behind Closed Doors video showing survivor Dr Anne O'Neill sitting in front of a black background